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Subject:[jug-leaders] JCP EC
From:Jeb Dasteel (
Date:Oct 25, 2010 8:05:58 am

Dear JUG leaders,

There has been quite a lot of discussion over the past week about our JCP EC
nomination. We thought we would offer our perspective. We nominated Hologic, as
with Credit Suisse earlier, to inject some much needed Java end-user and
business perspective into the Executive Committee, as opposed to standards,
technologist, technology vendor, and developer community perspectives - all of
which are already well represented. Those roles also overlap, as we have
well-recognized technologists, like Josh Bloch, who are also representing vendor
interests. JCP members may disagree with the need for more end-user perspective
on the EC, but we think it's an important view that has been underrepresented to
date. Having the perspective of a company whose business depends on Java
technology -- not as a technology vendor, but as an informed consumer of Java
technology -- is valuable.

JSRs are proposed by various JCP members, and the EC is the gate to starting
them off, approving them along the way, and approving them when they are
complete. Technical work goes on in expert groups. Implementation is done by
spec leads in multiple forums, one of which is OpenJDK. Ideally, the EC would
actively encourage the various expert groups to be the forums for technical
decision-making, sorting through issues, and advancing Java. The EC then
fulfills the role of making sure that the expert groups are functioning properly
to meet the goals of the JCP overall, as reflected in EC approvals. Having the
EC act in this capacity is not, as some have said, "rubber stamping" Oracle's

We hope this offers some clarity our views.