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Subject:Re: Form Recognition
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Date:May 25, 2008 6:36:53 am

Hi Caversan Thank you very much for your reply. you give me idea :The first step and The second step I have Used. The Second step I Using Opening and Closing ,then Xor Operator ,The Form Line have been Removed. But the problem is that:How to apply Blobcounter to the resulting image? I'll try to do it. Could you please give me the tow or more ideas? Thank you!

On 5月20日, 下午11时11分, Caversan <> wrote:

Well here goes one idea:

1) The basic pre processing, convertign to grayscale, inverting image and using threshold to binarize it. 2) We must remove the horizontal and vertical lines from the image. We can try to use HitAndMiss with appropriate structuring elements to detect the horizontal and vertical patterns and remove them from image. 3) Now it should be possible to apply Blobcounter to the resulting image.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Liuyanshun,

First I must congratulate you, since you are mature enough to accept Andrew's comments. I am still trying to do some simulations to separate the numbers, this case is not forgotten.

If you have any new fact please let us know. I have one or two more ideas to try before writting my conclusions.

Best regards,


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Hi Caversan Thank you for your rapid reply. You give me two setp to process this form. The Second step using, for example, neural networks ,SVM ,It have accomplished. The problem which I encountered with is the First step:Separate the numbers from the form, using image processing filters. Could you please give me more concretely processing step about the First step.

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