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Subject:Re: At what point do you unsubscribe/deny a misbehaving user?
From:Thorsten Scherler (
Date:Dec 17, 2005 9:49:37 am

El sáb, 17-12-2005 a las 09:14 -0800, Jean T. Anderson escribió:

Mark Thomas wrote:

Jean T. Anderson wrote:

I think ignoring is an excellent tactic for a developer's list. I worry that isn't strong enough for a user's list, but I also wouldn't want to embark on a path that could backfire.

Not exactly the same situation as yours but one of our users went off on one a few months back and it looked like a flame war was about to start. Rather than flame the guy (and boy was I tempted) I found that an extremely polite reply taking every care to be reasonable whilst quietly pointing out where he was wrong worked very well. I actually got half a dozen messages from other users saying something along the lines of "Great reply. I was about to flame the <insert favourite adjective/noun combination here> but your reply was much better." and best of all, not a single flame in response on the users list.

For reference, my reply is here.

Most of the credit for what I wrote should go to those who responded calmly to a similar rant of his on the dev list.

thanks for the excellent example.

wow, yes, even right now I feel the urge to flame this guy. ;-)

Nice example, thx.

BTW I reckon it is a very good alternative to the approach Stefano described (fight fire with fire on the #2 guy). It has the advantage that you can be the #2 guy and a Gandhi approach is even harder to turn down.

salu2 -- thorsten

"Together we stand, divided we fall!" Hey you (Pink Floyd)