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Subject:Re: Stuck when "Loading myplaces.kml, including enabled overlays"
From:urig ()
Date:Sep 4, 2007 10:11:53 am

Hi Granville,

I am beginning to suspect that the AV is indeed to blame. But I can't disable it - It's a password protected NOD32 that's been installed on my machine by the office sysadmin.

Any other ideas?

On Sep 4, 3:45 pm, Granville wrote:

Most probably a conflict with your Anti Virus s/w. Put the AV on suspend or pause, then load GE, if it goes in ok, you know where the problem is. Go to their site and get the kmz fix.

On Sep 3, 7:32 pm, JC-Panda wrote:

I was having the same problem! I have a PC with an ATI video card, and tried turning off the second display - if you go to desktop properties and settings and make sure that "Extend my desktop to this display" is not checked. this fixed my problem. Sucks that I have to trun it off for GE to work, but I can turn it back on when I am done with globe trotting.

Hope this helps!

On Sep 3, 7:08 am, urig wrote:

Hi LuciaM, Thanks for your help.

I'm afraid that didn't do the trick. I deleted the myples.kml file (it wasn't important to me), but GE still getsstuckwith the message "Loading myplaces.kml, including enabled overlays" displayed.

I did not have GE installed on my machine before. I did have it installed (and similarlystuck) on my older computer. It's possible that in the process of copying data from that old computer to my current computer, some of GE's installed files were copied.

Any other ideas for me? Files to delete? Registry values to clear? Or could this be a result of my computer being behind the company's firewall?

Thanks! urig

On Sep 2, 2:49 pm, LuciaM wrote:

You may want to try deleting your myplaces.kml file as well (when GE is not running.) You can find it at:

C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Google \GoogleEarth

You didn't say in your message if you had already been running GE before this. If you have, any saved placemarks will be lost. Before just deleting the file, you could try moving it out of the folder and renaming the myplaces backup file in the same folder 'myplaces.kml'. If you are not concerned about holding onto any old placemarks, then just delete all files in the folder with myplaces in their name. GE will create a clean version when you next run it.