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Subject:[groovy-dev] Groovy Bazaar branch
From:Russel Winder (
Date:May 18, 2008 4:46:00 am

I have added a Groovy Bazaar branch of groovy-core from the Subversion repository at Launchpad:

My branch posted there is manually updated as and when I do it. There is intended to be an automatically updated branch but that branch currently has "issues".

I am doing something similar for Gant: there you can see what the automated branch should be doing, but my personal manual branch is there but Launchpad has some "issues" processing it.

These branches are really for viral advertising of Groovy and Gant, and an existence proof that Bazaar (and Launchpad) can happily handle branches from the Subversion repository -- though they can of course be branched and worked with. Whilst Subversion remains the official central repository for Groovy and Gant, I suggest that people take their own checkout or branch from the Subversion repository using Bazaar and the bzr-svn plugin. For example I have Bazaar branches of groovy-core, native_launcher, emacs and groovy-emacs.

(NB This exhibits one of the big differences between Subversion and Bazaar, Subversion is a versioned filestore and is treated as such with directories structured however you want. Bazaar (and Mercurial or Git) favours projects being branched separately, hence having separate branches for each identifiable versionable "project".)

Having said this, there is a single issue that mean that, despite the aggravation, I am actually using Git (with git-svn) rather than Bazaar (with bzr-svn) for developing Gant. I find Bazaar much nicer to work with than Git, so I am hoping that the bzr-svn plugin developer is able to find an easy way of making Bazaar do what I need.

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