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Subject:Re: [discuss] Apache OpenWhisk Incubator Proposal
From:Sam Ruby (
Date:Oct 17, 2016 8:48:15 am

On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 11:30 AM, Jim Jagielski <> wrote:

I see that this is a proposal that originates, basically from IBM.

IBM + Adobe

I have an issue, based on past history, related to IBM's continued efforts and dedication on ASF projects. I will not mention specific projects, but the ASF has a number of projects which died (or almost died and only were revived via super-human effort) when IBM decided to switch gears and no longer support the project.

Now most of all this was our fault: the whole intent of Incubation and the Apache Way is to prevent dependence on a single person or entity: diversity means being able to continue, in a healthy way, should someone (or some-thing) decide that the project is no longer for them.

Considering all this, I would hope and expect that this podling take extra steps to ensure that we don't get "burned" again...


I see this as an issue to be resolved prior to exiting incubation, not something that should impact being accepted for incubation.

PS: Nothing against IBM of course: being a business, their strategy is wont to change, and we cannot (and should not) "fault" them when such a strategy change adversely affects a project. My only point is that, based on past experience, we should simply recognize that IBM dropping their support/resources on this project at some point is a very real, statistical possibility, and be serious in our efforts in ensuring this podling/project can and will survive that.

Agreed on both points: this is a general concern that should apply everywhere, and given IBM's past history is particularly relevant to this proposal.