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Subject:Re: CakeFest IV - America - Help us pick a location!
From:shusta guthnar (
Date:Mar 25, 2010 12:24:03 pm

I would much love to be haveing this in locations of Quality Inn 1220 West Main Street, Stroudsburg, PA. It has many thumbs up way high for good places and they have much foods for eating in mornings. no cost any monies and is best delicious.

love and kittens,


On Mar 16, 10:45 am, piousbox <> wrote:

I live in Chicago and I naturally recommend my city (because I want to attend). I hope it's beyond doubt that in central US,  Chicago should be picked over St. Louis, Indianapolis, Detroit, or any other city. However, I imagine that New York, being a bigger city, would get more votes. Nothing's wrong with NYC and I wouldn't mind flying out there, opportunity permitting. Finally, on the other side of the continent I think the best place is San Francisco, especially if you book the Moscone center. Miami, as nice as it is, is too far and lacks developers community (which means everyone would have to fly there). The most developers in the nation are located in New York and in the Silicon Valley.

To overview: the strongest city candidates are New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. I chose Chicago. (For no other reason that I live there.) And if it takes place in NYC, I may come over on a weekend. But San Francisco is too far from me.

Hey, if enough people want an event, perhaps you should throw one in each of the three cities?


On Mar 15, 6:21 pm, Jeffrey Hill <> wrote:

New York, or somewhere in Florida if it's this fall/winter (Tampa/ Orlando/Miami)

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