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jonathan wongMar 12, 2004 1:22 am 
jonathan wongMar 12, 2004 8:29 pm 
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Manuel SiebeneicherMar 18, 2004 8:36 am 
Subject:The page other than HTML format can't display in Jetty version
From:jonathan wong (
Date:Mar 12, 2004 8:29:40 pm

Dear All ,

Hello ! I install both exe (in Jetty) and src (in Tomcat4) version successfully in my Win2k . However , there are some problems in both version .

Tomcat version :

The homepage of Lenya can be displayed properly . However , when I try to go to the "Editor view" , an error occur and system break . It means I can do anything other than read the home page .

Jetty version :

All the function are OK and haven't encount any errors . However , it seems my IE6 and NC7 only able to display the HTML pages (so , the page like homepage which uses XHTML can be diplay properly) . The nono-HTML one only diplay the text of the content , like a text file viewed in my browser (Therefore , I only can "view source" and copy the link in order to go to the inner section) . What further configuration should I have ? Thank you !