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Guillaume LaforgeAug 5, 2011 7:07 pm 
Subject:[groovy-announce] [ANN] Gaelyk 1.0 is here, the lightweight Groovy toolkit for Google App Engine
From:Guillaume Laforge (
Date:Aug 5, 2011 7:07:07 pm

Hi all,

I'm very happy to announce the *final release of Gaelyk 1.0*, the lightweight Groovy <> toolkit for Google App Engine!

It took some time to get to 1.0, but it's now here, with the key feature I've been missing since the beginning of the project, in particular the Query DSL which allows you to write queries like this one:

def latestArticles = datastore.execute { select all from articles sort desc by dateCreated where author == limit 10 }

If you want to learn more about this lightweight framework, head over to:

You can learn everything through the tutorial:

And download the JAR or the template project here:

Should you want to ask questions on the Google Groups<>, get involved in the community, participate in the development of this Open Source project <>, have a look at our community page:

This release wouldn't have been possible with all the great contributions of you all, your pull requests on GitHub <>, your Gradle plugins, your bug reports<>, your questions on the Google Group, etc. So I'd like to tell you all a big thank you for all your work and contributions. They were very much appreciated, and keep them coming!

The change log:

- GAE SDK updated to 1.5.2 and Groovy to 1.8.1 - Introduction of a Query DSL for creating SQL-like queries against the datastore <> - Updated template project<> with a Gradle build, the usage of Gradle GAE / Gaelyk plugins, and the support of Spock for testing Groovlets - Introduction of the plugins page <> in the Gaelyk website, for referencing known plugins - By annotating classes with GaelykBindings, the same services and variables are injected in your classes as properties<>, as the ones which are injected in Groovlets and templates - The validation closures<> of the routes in your URL mapping have access to the request, so you can validate a URL depending on what's in your request (attribute, session, etc.) - Added a DSLD file (DSL descriptor) for Eclipse for easing code-completion and navigation - Added a get() method on Key<>, as well as on lists of keys - Ability to convert lists to Keys<> - Added two encoded string and key conversion<> utilities - Additional datastore.get() methods<> to retrieve entities by their keys more concisely - Problems with the recent XMPP support fixed - Fixed inability to access the various services and variables from within binding/before/after blocks in plugin descriptors

Thanks a lot for your attention, and enjoy developing Groovy applications on Google App Engine!

Twitter: @glaforge Google+: