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Jarek GaworDec 7, 2009 9:01 am.jar
Subject:Geronimo 3.0: Deploying a simple Aries application
From:Jarek Gawor (
Date:Dec 7, 2009 9:01:20 am
org.apache.aries.blueprint.helloworld.ap...NAPSHOT.jar - 41k


In the last day or two I worked on a deployer for Aries applications. It's a really basic deployer that allows you to deploy simple Aries applications. In case you are interested, here's what you need to do to deploy a simple Aries app to Geronimo:

1) Build Geronimo assembly with aries-deployer plugin. You might have to build the "application" module in trunk in Apache Aries project first.

2) Start Geronimo

3) In a separate shell, use the deploy command to deploy a sample Aries app. The attached sample application is based on the Aries hello world blueprint sample. To deploy execute something like:

./bin/deploy --user system --password manager deploy

The deployer should fail with "Unable to cache bundle: mvn:aries-app/ error in opening zip file" type of error. That's to be expected at this time and can be ignored for now.

4) In the Geronimo console you should see the following output:

======>>> Starting HelloWorld Server ========>>>>Client HelloWorld: About to execute a method from the Hello World service ======>>> A message from the server: Hello World! ========>>>>Client HelloWorld: ... if you didn't just see a Hello World message something went wrong

and if you issue "list" command in the Geronimo shell you should see the following 4 bundles installed:

[ 96] [Active ] [ ] [ 60] ( [ 97] [Active ] [ ] [ 60] Apache Aries Blueprint HelloWorld Api (1.0.0.incubating-SNAPSHOT) [ 98] [Active ] [Created ] [ 60] Apache Aries Blueprint HelloWorldClient (1.0.0.incubating-SNAPSHOT) [ 99] [Active ] [Created ] [ 60] Apache Aries Blueprint HelloWorldServer (1.0.0.incubating-SNAPSHOT)