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Subject:Re: Major on-line production issue
From:Jitendra Kotamraju (Jite@Sun.COM)
Date:Feb 11, 2009 9:35:04 am

LeRoy Hall wrote:

I tried that this morning. The behavior is the same as 2.1.3. The connection is opened and reused, but if it is idle for more than a couple of seconds it gets dropped. It doesn't remain persistent.

Probably, that's the behaviour of JDK's HttpURLConnection. I will check with someone from JDK team. Do you know the vendor's sever supports keep-alive ?

Do you believe that this new version of JAX-WS will eliminate the connection exceptions we are seeing? If so, can you explain why or point out some bug fix since 2.1.3 that has fixed this issue?

2.1.5 may have fixed some keep-alive issues in some corner cases(esp reading the HttpURLConnection's OutputStream). We follow

Regarding the timeouts, may be the server is overloaded. or the server may have to increase the connection time(For example, few users modified the connection settings on tomcat and that fixed the timeout issues)


--- On *Tue, 2/10/09, Rama Pulavarthi /<Rama@Sun.COM>/* wrote:

From: Rama Pulavarthi <Rama@Sun.COM> Subject: Re: Major on-line production issue To: Date: Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 11:22 PM

Hi LeRoy, Did you try with latest JAX-WS RI 2.1.5?

thanks, Rama Pulavarthi

LeRoy Hall wrote: > Hello all, > I've got a major production issue that I'm desperately hoping someone out there can help with. We use JAX-WS clients to connect with our vendors to send OTA (open travel alliance) XML messages. These clients are running as stand-alone java applications (no application servers involved)
We have one vendor in particular that we are sending well over a million
messages a day, and we recently started taking the following exceptions on 1% of our messages: > HTTP transport error: connect timed out > We had the connection timeout set to 1 second, and I increased it to 2 seconds which had no effect. We also had network engineers on both sides,
and in between (Verizon) looking into this and found nothing from a network
point of view that would be causing this. > Our server engineers checked out the servers NIC cards and no problems there. I even loaded the clients onto two new servers and it still
continues to take these exceptions. > We did discover that the socket connections are not remaining persistent. JAX-WS is opening and closing a connection for every message. We are
re-using the JAX-WS proxy objects (port type objects) returned from the JAX-WS
service objects generated by wsimport, so I am unsure why it is behaving this way,
and am not finding much help concerning this issue on the internet. > We are using JAX-WS RI 2.1.3-b02- running on windows servers. CPU utilization is very low (never higher than 25%) and memory is fine. Any
help you could provide would be fantastic. > Thanks, > LeRoy > >

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