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Subject:RE: [courier-users] DEPLOY: SPF/Sender ID support in Courier.
From:Mitch (WebCob) (
Date:Aug 27, 2004 5:43:05 pm

It will not be possible for me to implement Sender ID in Courier. Courier is licensed under the GPL. The FSF already flatly stated that Microsoft's IP license is not GPL compatible. I reviewed the most recent version of Microsoft's proposed IP license, and I've reached the same conclusion. For this reason Sender ID cannot be implemented in Courier; Courier's implementation will be limited to the unencumbered SPF-classic.

You may have said the KEY PHRASE there... "it will not be possible for me..." - you would be a target.

I wonder if this would be another scenario where something similar to the RSA stuff where various encryption libraries were released as free code maintained offshore which users could plug into their systems freely - as long as they weren't in a country upholding RSA's patent rights?

It's like GIF? Who in their right mind would pay to use it?!?!

The code could be a patch to absolve you of risk ;-)