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Subject:Incredimail & Gmail - Socket Error: 10060, Port: 995, Protocol: POP. A connection attempt failed
From:joni4ta ()
Date:Jan 29, 2007 9:39:40 pm

Nothing at all has changed with my email Client and I have been receiving mail with Incredimail just fine for almost a year, and then about a month or two ago - WHAM! All of a sudden Gmail won't come through anymore! **shrug** This is the error verbatim that I am getting:

"Socket Error: 10060, Port: 995, Protocol: POP.A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond."

To answer a few questions right off the bat: I am using Windows XP sp2 I am using Windows Firewall I am using AVG Free version 7.5.432 I am using Incredimail as my email client. Yes, I have "Enable POP for all mail" checked in the Gmail "Settings", "Forwarding and POP" in the orange Mail Settings box, and I quadruple-checked and Clicked "Save changes" each time. Yes, I have configured Incredimail according to the POP requirements below. Yes, I have tried both Outgoing Ports 465 & 587 to see if that makes a difference. It doesn't.

Incoming Mail (POP3) Server - requires SSL: Use SSL: Yes Port: 995 Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server - requires TLS: (use authentication) Use Authentication: Yes Use STARTTLS: Yes (some clients call this SSL) Port: 465 or 587 Account Name: your Gmail username (including Email Address: your full Gmail email address ([email address]) Password: your Gmail password

Can ANYONE tell me what the heck is going on!?!?!?! Thanks! :)