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Subject:[Openstack] Forking an OpenStack project to remotely save changes
From:Everett Toews (
Date:Jun 5, 2012 1:43:01 pm

Hi All,

If you have a relatively long-lived topic branch, what's the best way to remotely save changes?

If you wanted to fork an OpenStack project on github, it would work something like:

1. Fork the project on to your own account 2. Clone the project locally 3. Add a remote branch to your local repo that points to the origin project repo you forked from 4. Create a remote branch for gerrit 5. Create a branch for your changes in the forked project 6. Commit and push your changes to your branch 7. When your branch is ready for review: a. pull from origin b. rebase your changes to the current state of the master 8. git review

I've done steps 1-6 working but I can't easily test 7 & 8 without sending in unnecessary changes for review. But if you lost your changes, you would just clone your forked project again.

Is this viable? Is this a reasonable way to remotely save changes?

One alternative would be to continually save changes using review drafts with "git review -D". In this case if you lost your changes, you would have to clone the origin project and then fetch the changes from gerrit.

Is this viable?

How are other people solving this problem?

Thanks, Everett