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Subject:New Meetup: Single Sign On with Compartment Security
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Date:Feb 24, 2012 7:07:38 am
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Announcing a new Meetup! MarkLogic NOVAMUG User Group

Single Sign On with Compartment Security -

Added by Niels Nielsen

When: Thursday, March 15, 2012<br/> 6:30 PM

Where: MarkLogic Office<br/> 7950 Jones Branch Road<br/> McLean, VA 22107 Check it out:

Steven Brockman and Tom Diepenbrock, Senior Consultants with MarkLogic will
cover Dynamic Role Provisioning, a technique that leverages your existing
identity management infrastructure to build secure MarkLogic applications with
low maintenance overhead. They will present an approach to protect one or more MarkLogic Applications with
a Single Sign On server and a reverse proxy. Security is enforced by mutual
authentication along with an external Web Service call to look up user
credentials (attributes and/or role) information. The user's credentials are
then applied during the lifetime of the user's session. This basically achieves
RBAC and ABAC. The ABAC features take advantage of MarkLogic's dynamic role
provisioning and compartment security features. This talk includes a
demonstration of one such solution. Mr. Brockman has worked on many levels in the ITspace, including Architecture,
Design and implementation of Security solutions, UIs and back-end development.
Prior to joining MarkLogic, Steven worked at Oracle and BEA Systems where he
supported various Government agencies. Mr. Diepenbrock has worked as a software engineer and architect for eighteen
years in the defense, intelligence, civilian government and private sector
spaces. His interests include enterprise security, large scale enterprise
software, and big data.

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