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Dean TroyerJun 27, 2012 8:42 pm 
Subject:[Openstack] [devstack] Recent updates
From:Dean Troyer (
Date:Jun 27, 2012 8:42:22 pm

A quick summary of recent significant DevStack changes:

* Keystone Service Catalog SQL back-end Add "KEYSTONE_CATALOG_BACKEND=sql" to localrc to tell Keystone to use the SQL backend for the service catalog. This enables the keystone service-* and endpoint-* commands to manage the service catalog. See files/ for the default commands used by DevStack. DevStack continues to use the templated service catalog by default.

* Remove default services from ENABLED_SERVICES This change allows easy the removal of services that are in ENABLED_SERVICES by default (see the list in stackrc) by appending the service name prefixed with a '-' to ENABLED_SERVICES. For example, to switch from Nova Volumes to Cinder, you would add this to localrc:


(Note the leading comma following the equals sign)

* Cinder Support Speaking of Cinder, basic support was merged last week. Since it is still a bit of a moving target additional updates may still be required. Enable Cinder as shown in the ENABLED_SERVICES section above. Nova Volume will remain DevStack's default until some time after Cinder becomes the default in Nova. * The default volume group name has changed to stack-volumes to remove the nova project name (it was formerly nova-volumes). Set it in localrc with VOLUME_GROUP. * The default backing file is now /opt/stack/data/stack-volumes-backing-file (it was formerly /opt/stack/nova-volumes-backing-file). Set it in localrc with VOLUME_NAME_PREFIX.

* Colored logs Vish added color to Nova's logs a couple of weeks ago to greatly help visually scanning the log files. Set "LOG_COLOR=False" in localrc to disable the color as it is enabled by default. Also note that if SYSLOG=true the log coloring is also disabled.