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Subject:[linux-lvm] metadata too large for circular buffer - any way to increase PV metadatasize?
From:John Leach (
Date:Aug 7, 2008 11:07:56 am


I'm getting the dreaded "metadata too large for circular buffer" message trying to create a new LV in a volume group of a few hundred other LVs.

As I understand, this is because the PVs don't have enough space for the metadata. This size can be set to a larger value when pvcreating with --metadatasize but I have obviously missed that boat :)

Is there a way to increase this with live PVs, rather than shifting all the data off them and recreating and shifting back on?

I have a multinode RedHat Cluster with CLVMD and two PVs. I can add additional PVs if that helps (though as I understand *every* PV needs enough metadata space).

Thanks in advance!