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tono-bungayOct 10, 2008 7:16 am 
Subject:Inspect Chrome http sessions using Fiddler
From:tono-bungay ()
Date:Oct 10, 2008 7:16:40 am

I came across this "feature" by accident, and it's very useful. Microsoft has an add-in to Internet Explorer called Fiddler, which lets you inspect http sessions. I've discovered that when Fiddler is on, you can use it to inspect Chrome's http traffic as well. This trick also works with Safari/Windows but does not work with certain other browsers.

First, start IE and Fiddler, and set "capture traffic" on. Select an http session containing an html page. Look at the response (bottom right pane) in Text view. Next to the button that says "View in Notepad", there is a button with 3 dots (...) where you can select a different program. Select Chrome. At that point Chrome will launch on a cached copy of the html, but all of its http traffic then appears within Fiddler. That includes all the tabs and even things like Chrome's downloads from and so forth. Fiddler has a lot more detail than Chrome's about:network feature.

As I understand it ( ), Fiddler works as an http proxy running on local port 8888. Although I don't see this in Chrome's proxy settings, I suspect it reuses the proxy settings of the program that launched it.