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Subject:[EPEL-devel] Re: update Ceph to 12.1.1 in epel7 ?
From:Jim Perrin (
Date:Aug 3, 2017 12:15:17 pm

On 08/01/2017 10:05 AM, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:

I will bring this up at the meeting tomorrow, but I believe that the plan would be something like the following:

1. "Update" the current package with README.deprecated explaining why the package is being removed from the repository and what a user needs to do to get newer versions. A /usr/share/docs/ceph/upstream-ceph.repo may also be useful. [Putting in a Summary that the package is deprecated may also be useful.] 2. Announce on epel-devel and epel-announce this is going to happen. 2. push the update out to users. 3. orphan the package in EPEL 4. remove it after a month after the update went to stable.

We also need to look at coming up with tools and a process to better look at packages we have in the repository so we don't make both the maintainer (aka Kaleb) and the users lifes miserable.

Does the above sound reasonable ?

I think that's the best course of action.

+1 here.