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Subject:Re: [xwiki-users] Bean converter in XWiki 2.0
From:Lewis Denizen (
Date:Sep 29, 2009 2:05:35 pm

Sorry Thomas, I think the issue was that I was using Boolean rather than boolean for the macro parameter. Switching to its primitive type fixed it... Apologies for the false alarm!

-- Lewis

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On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 18:22, Lewis Denizen <> wrote:

Hi xwiki-users,

I just have to say... Thank you to the Dev team for such a great XWiki 2.0 release! XWiki is the best wiki I've ever encountered - the ideas in it have really shown what Java + open source libs can achieve. The result is purely extraordinary! Thank you so much for such a great piece of software!

Now to the real stuff - I was trying to migrate my XWiki 1.x macro to 2.0. But, it seems something has changed within the bean converter and now Booleans on MacroParameters have to be specified with a getX(), rather than a isX() (which is JavaBeans convention). I haven't digged into the code, and changing my macro to use getX() fixed the issue, but... 1) it would be nice if the bean converter supported the conventional JavaBeans syntax and... 2) it would be nice if XWiki threw some exception (or logged an exception) if the parameter could not be converted properly (not sure if it's just my log level, but digging out the issue would've been easy if there were logs).

The new bean converter is just an extension of standard JavaBeans and reuse it so it's supposed to support at least the same things.

Can you create an issue on ?

I just checked and standard macros are using isParameter() form and it's working very well. See org.xwiki.rendering.macro.script.ScriptMacroParameters for example.

Also if you try {{toc start="toto"/}} you will see that you get an error "Invalid macro parameters used for macro: toc" because start is supposed to get integer.

So it seems your exact use case is very special, could you describe you bean class ?

But again, really appreciate the great release, looking forward to further development on this wonderful software!

-- Lewis