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Subject:Re: [grails-dev] Plugins and 1.3
From:Graeme Rocher (
Date:Apr 1, 2010 2:18:05 am

Yes its necessary since we have moved to using Ivy to resolve Grails plugins you have to define grailsCentral() as a repository. This is also important for folks who want to disable remote resolution (by removing grailsCentral())


On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 6:16 AM, Peter Bell <> wrote:

I just upgraded an existing Grails 1.2.2 project (created under 1.2.1 originally) to the 1.3 RC. When I tried to run the app, it was unable to resolve the plugins (richui and searchable). I ended up adding grailsCentral() to the list of repos in my project BuildConfig.groovy. Some questions/comments: (a) Was that necessary or was I missing something ? (b) It looks like I have a grailsPlugins() and grailsHome() in the list of repos - do I still need those? (c) If this *is* a necessary step, might be worth noting this in the release notes ( (that it is a required step if you have plugins - not that it's an available option which is how I - perhaps mis - read it) Thanks! Peter