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Subject:Re: ie7-js seemed to work at first, but stopped working as I continued working on the site.
From:Christian Jarhult (
Date:Jul 19, 2010 5:56:21 am

Only had a quick glance -- Nice layout! (in Chrome, that is...)

You're changing the width property of #contentwrap after load. Do really have to do that (if yes, why)? I suspect this might possibly have part in ie7-js failing to kick in properly.

2010/7/19 Andra <>

I forgot to mention what it is I'm trying to achieve:

The header (logo and navigation) and footer (contact and copyright info) should have a fixed position, while the "contentwrap" should be able to be scrolled. Also, there seems to be some top-margin or top-padding issue.

Would it help if I posted my head.php and foot.php files? Or would that just clutter up the thread?

Thanks again!