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Subject:Re: Running glassfish in foreground?
From:Kohsuke Kawaguchi (Kohs@Sun.COM)
Date:Jul 27, 2006 4:31:16 pm

Cheng Fang wrote:

asadmin start-domain --verbose asadmin help start-domain

--verbose By default this flag is set to false. If set to true, detailed server startup output is displayed. On Windows, press CTRL-Break in the domain's window to print a thread dump. On UNIX, press CTRL-C to kill the server and press CTRL-\ to print a thread dump.

Ah, this is little better. On Windows, is there anyway to shut down a server started like this gracefully? If I Ctrl-C, it kills the batch file but the rest keeps running, and I need to manually "asadmin stop-domain".

Also, I noticed that when I do "start-domain --verbose", it creates two cmd.exe processes (for two batch files), and three Java processes. I was hoping to just see one Java process, so that I can kill it with Ctrl+C (or Process.destroy() from Java) and be done with it.

I'm curious why this many processes are necessary. Sorry to keep using Tomcat as a comparison, but when I do "catalina.bat run", I only see one cmd.exe and one Java process (and when I invoke it from Java, I can recreate the batch file, so all I need to launch is another Java process.)