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Subject:[courier-users] Loading / reloading Pythonfilter
From:Alessandro Vesely (
Date:Jun 7, 2017 4:32:13 am

I changed the code of a filter which is already configured and running. Now I have to install it. Last time I issued courierfilter stop, and then start. However, that way I have to reload also clamav databases, which takes a long time. Is there any better way to upgrade the running Python process?

BTW, in order to tell distributed filter from home-brewed ones, I install sym links in the dist-package/pythonfilter directory, which point to the source file. I note that Python does not produce any .pyc in that case. However, the following command compiles in the current directory irrespectively of whatever:

python -m compileall -l

Since the pyc is what should get loaded when loading a module, an idea could be to reload modules if they have been recompiled since the last time they were loaded. Let me attach the idea. Beware: I did'n run it, not even once, and didn't fully understand the caveats about using reload(), see e.g.:

One more question, about virtualenv. Has anyone had experience loading Pythonfilter that way under Courier? Another possibility is to install Pythonfilter globally, but keep additional packages in a virtualenv, just to ease tracking requirements.


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