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Subject:[DISCUSS] Registering filters with Sling
From:Felix Meschberger (
Date:Sep 7, 2010 6:49:45 am

Hi all,

Traditionally javax.servlet.Filter services were picked up by the Sling Main Servlet and used as filters regardless of any service registration properties. The filter.scope property could optionally be used to define a scope for the filter (request or component before SLING-1213, now also INCLUDE, FORWARD, and ERROR).

To not pick up filters destined for the Apache Felix Http Service (registered with the "pattern" service property) we explicitly xclude those.

I would like to go a step further and ....

* define a new service property sling.filter.scope * deprecate the old filter.scope property * require services to either have the sling.filter.scope or the filter.scope (backwards compatibility) property set * optionally: support for a configuration option to cause filters without a scope property to still be picked up

I consider renaming the official name to prevent any name collisions.


Regards Felix