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Subject:Re: The "Picasa shows me a folder twice" duplicate bug
From:Onion ()
Date:Feb 27, 2008 10:00:04 am

I just got word from the Picasa folks after sending in a bug report for the "Picasa shows me a folder twice" duplicate bug: "The good news is that a fix is in the works!"

Hooray!! :)

On Feb 21, 5:41 am, Rhubarb wrote:

Yay, not crazy! :P

I wish they would fix it. We know it's causing people to delete photos in error.

On Feb 20, 5:21 am, Onion wrote:

The bug where Picasa shows duplicate photos has been a bug far too long.

The pictures are jpegs and .mov files located on my C drive, and had no prior album associations. I'm using the latest Picasa version 2.7 build 37.36 on Vista Home Premium.

I've got the same problem where the Folder Manager isn't working correctly. After moving a folder in Windows Explorer *with* Picasa up and running, I get what looks like a duplicate folder.

So I go to Tools > Folder Manager to remove that folder from Picasa, then click OK. But the folder is still showing up as a duplicate in Picasa. When I go back to the Folder Manager, the eye is still showing next to the folder that I just had told to remove from Picasa. After two more tries, the folder is finally successfully removed from Picasa.

When I go back into the Folder Manager to have Picasa "scan always" on that folder I just removed, the folder does not appear in Picasa. After numerous failed attempts to get Picasa to see the folder, I tried the other technique of renaming the folder in Windows Explorer. As soon as I rename the folder, Picasa sees it.

People who don't know about the bug might simply go ahead and delete the duplicate folder. But that would be a terrible thing to do, because they'd end up deleting the whole folder full of pictures off their computer.

I just noticed I am also seeing the strange occurrence as described by Rhubarb in the first post: "Instead it creates a new *album* (with the blue album icon) named "New Album" and puts the photos there. The actual folder does NOT reappear in the folder list." I can now confirm that Rhubarb is not insane or crazy :)

The "New Album" with blue icon appears in a separate section called "Folders" and appears in Tree View between the normal "Folders" section and the "Albums" section. It looks exactly like what Rhubarb posted here: The blue "New Album" should NOT be appearing in "Folders"; they should be appearing in "Albums." And this strange behaviour should not be happening at all! So now we have a 2nd and 3rd bug!

I will also report the bug and newly associated bugs here: Picasa Help > Bug

The duplicate bug is well documented here. Can we please have this fixed?