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Subject:Re: [Bf-committers] Collada importer/exporter kickout
From:Campbell Barton (
Date:Jan 8, 2012 8:39:31 pm

On Mon, Jan 9, 2012 at 2:16 PM, Juan Linietsky <> wrote:

but as it is right now it does support animations, in my opinion(which i know doesn't amount to much right now) we need an equivalent to start with before it gets tore out. i agree it needs to be python like the rest,but to rip it out now and (no offense Juan) replace it with something that requires more work just to bring it back up to where it is now would be silly imho.

I'm not sure what you mean, but just in case it was a typo, what i submitted does support animations fine, and even bakes IK and constraints when exporting (something the current one using OC doesn't). The only real missing thing in what I submitted is 1) Cleaning up the export options (enable/disable stuff) 2) Morphs 3) Optimizing keyframes, like the FBX exporter 4) Fixing a bug or two because It wasn't tested as widely, only in some specific projects with some clients.

Other than that, it exports everything fine and is as small as it can get. The reason why this exporter is not 100% nice and polished is because I didn't write this for inclusion into Blender, I wrote it because I got tired of waiting for the Collada exporter to actually work, so I made my own in a weekend. I'm not interested in mantaining it for the Blender community either (I don't have enough time), and I'm only submitting it now because I see that after half a decade, Blender is still going nowhere in the Collada support. At this point, it seems to me that most of the Blender developers really either don't care about ir or have more important things to do than supporting an open export format.

So in short, I submitted code that works, and should be very easy to mantain due to the compact size (it's MUCH simpler than the FBX exporter and it exports about the same information). If you guys want to take it over and integrate it into Blender, go ahead, else i'll keep mantaining it for my  own purposes and according to the needs of my clients. I appreciate enormously the work the community has put into Blender, but this is as much as I can contribute back for now.


@Juan, even if your not especially interested to maintain for such a wide variety of uses. (since it seems your happy with a fixed set of features which is understandable for a format with very broad spec).

perhaps you could committed this as an addon so others can use it without having to manually download and install.

As the author you can accept/reject changes so it wont become something too different from your original intentions.

Reason I suggest this is that I'd rather not have the script committed and then you continue to maintain your own version - where both scripts get out of sync, fixes not applied to both - its worth avoiding a fork if we can.

The addon can start in `contrib` repository which is available when `Testing` scripts are enabled.

What do you think?