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Subject:Re: CLP? Novell course 3072
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Date:Oct 9, 2007 10:51:42 pm

I'd be very interested, but I'm not willing to pay thousands of dollars for a course thats offered for 150$ in the states.

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We are on track to be running some courses focused on Open Source Software early next year. We are waiting on approval from Ubuntu so we can offer the LPI certificate in conjunction with the Ubuntu 'add-on'.

We are currently working with a registered training organisation (RTO) to map the National Training Institute accredited competencies across to Open Source curriculum.

If anybody would like further information, or wants to be kept up to date with the course info, let me know via email and I'll pop you on the mailing list.

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On Tue, 2007-10-09 at 12:00 +0100, Antonio Candito wrote:

I've been in contact with Novell regarding a course 3072 " Suse enterprise server 10 administration." which is a 5 day course which would pretty much break my budget (I'm pretty sure I cant afford it anyway, but in case a miracle happens) and am wondering if you have ever heard of it/taken the course and if it really gave you the tool to work in the Linux field out in the real world?

Its only a 5 day course and its $3300 which will entitle me to a CLP. Thoughts?

I have investigated similar courses at some local IT training centres. IMHO they are very close to being scam operations. The ones local to me have fees that high merely for a 3 day course on "Introduction to SUSE Enterprise Linux", with the USEFUL courses only becoming available to you after you have done a couple of these useless ones. The advertisements all say "If you don't get a job in IT in 90 days, we'll pay you $2000" - well, the fees suggest to me that NOBODY who does these courses gets a job, and everyone is getting a $2000 refund.

I would be very careful before parting with my hard-earned.

G'day all,

This brings me to a question close to my heart.

Does anyone, anywhere know of a TAFE /Open Learning institute which offers anything in the way of Linux/Open Source Application courses? I tried to get my local TAFE interested in Open Office, even did Cert III in IT (applications) and CertIV in Training and Assessment.

The reception was, to say the least, cool.