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Subject:[DISCUSS] Packaging password/ssh reset scripts
From:David Nalley (
Date:Feb 3, 2013 3:44:12 am

Hi folks:

One of the discussions that came up while we were in Ghent was whether or not to package the SSH key reset and password reset utilities, or whether we should focus our PW/SSH efforts on cloud-init.

The points for consideration are essentially:

* If we begin packaging them, they will be expected to be maintained over the long term - are we as a project ready to do that? * Do we keep the scripts in the repo, or perhaps consider adding a separate repo for the scripts themselves. (This would make it easier for distribution packagers to consume - and even if they don't wish to package all of CloudStack - packaging the scripts themselves would be substantially easier. * cloud-init has CloudStack support IIRC, does it make sense to adopt that rather than doing our own thing, or perhaps to elect one as the primary method.