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Subject:Re: Tracking Goal Conversions for Confirmed Opt-In
From:Reed ()
Date:Apr 21, 2008 5:24:32 am

I'm no expert at this, but from what I understand Funnels can only be tracked within the same domain or you have to create Javascript to pass the user cookie to next domain in the funnel. This is typical of folks using 3rd party shopping carts.

However, in your case, I see no way to tie an email event to the funnel.

I would tag the email in the auto-responder message so I could get a feel for how many users do not complete the process in some time frame. You could then test different Thank-You page text, Email subjects, etc to see what would improve the %.

In the Thank-You, I would definitely request that the user place your email sender domain in their White List. My guess is that a lot of the emails are caught by spam filters.

Sorry I could not be more helpful