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Subject:[android-beginners] zoomToSpan() then setZoom()
From:Jeffrey Blattman (
Date:Oct 5, 2009 4:30:26 pm

i have some code that uses zoomToSpan(...), then calls getZoomLevel() and based on the result may call setZoom(...). this is to ensure a minimum zoom level.

what i am seeing is that the call to setZoom(...) is ignored and the level is not set. does zoomToSpan() introduce some sort of pending operation that when executed overwrites the call to setZoom()? perhaps the operation hasn't animated to the value yet?

not sure if there's another way to do this ... as i don't think there's any way to go directly from a lat-lng span to a zoom level other than calling zoomToSpan() and getting the result.

any ideas?