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Subject:[jira] [Commented] (PROTON-343) Add a pluggable Proton logging layer
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Commit 1548123 from in branch 'proton/trunk' [ ]

PROTON-343: added transport context

Add a pluggable Proton logging layer


Key: PROTON-343 URL: Project: Qpid Proton Issue Type: Improvement Components: proton-c, proton-j Reporter: Philip Harvey Assignee: Philip Harvey Fix For: 0.6


Applications that use Proton sometimes want Proton to produce logging. Goals ==== * Proton should provide a default logging implementation. * It should be easy for Proton client code to provide custom logging
implementation, e.g. one that uses the same third party logging framework as
their application code. * Proton should not have a compile-time dependency on a third party logging
framework * Proton's log output is considered to be part of its public interface.
Therefore, in the spirit of Proton's cross-language consistency goals, this
output should be consistent between proton-c and proton-j. * The goals that general-purpose logging frameworks try to meet - performance,
ease of use etc - also apply.