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Subject:Re: hgwebdir replacement - pylons hg app
From:marcinkuzminski (
Date:Jul 13, 2010 7:59:11 am

Hi Alberto.

I don't know much about Ms ActiveDirectory, and also I don't know how did you implemented in your company. But permissions in hg-app are stored inside a database in a form 'user<->repo<->permission', and all checks are made by auth decorators. So I think if you would store the permissions in the AD (I don't know if you can) and change one function that gets the permissions from db right now. You might get this working without future code changes. So to summarize it. - Store permissions inside AD - get them into hg app from AD instead of db, - manage the permissions on AD not the webapp (since now you can play with them from the web interface)

I don't know if that was the answer to Your question but i hope it helped.

Regards Marcin

Hi Angel and thanks for comments, you are very right with the settings, even for permissions, i think it's better to separate it into entire new view of repository. I will change that, and make only repository admin orhgappp admin
can go to settings, but this will not jump to admin anymore.

I'll change the change log little bit then, combine it more, and make the graph ticker.


On Jun 30, 11:23 am, Didly <> wrote:

On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 9:22 PM, marcinkuzminski <>wrote:

Hello again, Just wannted to tell you thathgappis still evaluating. I implemented basic permissions system intohgapp. Permissions are checked as well as pull/push commands and web browsing. Additionally there's a branch graph same as on hgwebdir. All this+ major of tweaks and fixes available on the demo site ( All feedback is welcomed. Regards ! Marcin Kuzminski


the new version looks very good. I'm particularly glad to see that you added the graph to the changelog.

I have two comments regarding the changelog view though:

1. I think that the rows that contain the information for each revision are too high, which makes it hard to see more than a few revisions at a time. There is quite a lot of empty space between the last line of text on each revision and the next row. I think that this should be reduced to the minimum to make the view easier to read.

2. I think that the graph column is too narrow. This,combined with the previous issue makes the graph a bit hard to read since it is very narrow and tall.

Also, I find it a bit weird that the "settings" tab takes you "out" of the current repository. I find it weird because it looks just like another tab in the list of tabs for the current repository because it is right there with changelog, files, etc. Perhaps it should be put to the very right of the page to indicate that it is a global settings tab?

Other than that this looks very good!