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Russell HayMar 30, 2001 4:27 pm 
Subject:install.cfg and autoinstalling/upgrading
From:Russell Hay (
Date:Mar 30, 2001 4:27:38 pm

I am trying to use a PXE building system to reinstall a new version of the operating system onto a large number of boxes. Basically, each of these boxes have 1 drive. On this drive, there is 1 partition, with 5 slices (I hope I used the right word there). So basically, I have a /, /usr, /var, /data, and a swap one. So what I want to do is have /, /usr, and /var newfs'd during the install. I don't want /data touched. I have read the man page for sysinstall, and this is what I have come up with for the configuration file (I've tried a number of different things for the disklabel section, none of which seems to work):

disk=mlxd0 bootManager=standard diskPartitionEditor mlxd0s1a=/ mlxd0s1b=swap mlxd0s1e=/var mlxd0s1f=/usr mlxd0s1g=/data N diskLabelEditor

Also, I have tried the following changes (this one had the most disasterous effect):

mlxd0s1-1=ufs 400000 / mlxd0s1-2=swap 4096000 none mlxd0s1-3=ufs 400000 /var mlxd0s1-4=ufs 4096000 /usr

Has anyone done this before? Obviously, I'm missing something. Any help would be great :)


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