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Subject:Re: quemu w/ gat02
From:Evgeny Ginzburg (
Date:Jun 17, 2008 10:26:20 pm

arne anka wrote:

using openmoko/ i always get the gta01 files. now i changed "gta01" in openmoko/env to gta02 or gta02fake and the gta02 files are downloaded -- but fails horribly while printing s3c_nand_read: Bad register 0x20 infinitely. google shows two irc-logs with a question regarding this, but no answer. could somebody please give a hint how to get qemu running w/ gta02 asu?

In short, qemu (now) isn't capable to emulate gta02, just gta01. You can build and use ASU images on qemu. There is no big difference between two versions.