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Subject:[maildropl] Help with maildrop syntax
From:Enda (
Date:May 4, 2009 3:29:11 am

Hi Guys,

My first attempt at handcrafting a maildrop filter.... and its not that it doesn't work, its that I'm getting stuck trying to fix it!

The purpose of the filter is to manipulate the delivered to header for messages delivered using @domain aliases to a mailbox using .courier-default to implement a catchall... the delivered to header shows the local mailbox name, and I want to rewrite it to give the username that the message was addressed to, which isn't always apparent eg in a bcc scenario. The script is below. I'm curious if its a type issue, and if I can typecast to get around, eg, that its trying to subtract a string from an int etc.

Any help appreciated!


# First I declare some once off hard coded variables. DTLD="" USTART="32" EXCESS="55"

# Extract the current Delivered-to: header from the mail DELTO=/Delivered-To:/:h

# **** this is where I'm getting the syntax error ******* # Calculate the length of the uid plus the already appended @ character # My first attempt - ULENGTH=((length(DELTO))-$EXCESS) - bracket error # My next attempt - ULENGTH=(length(DELTO))-$EXCESS - syntax error # My next attempt - ULENGTH=(length($DELTO))-$EXCESS - syntax error # My next attempt - ULENGTH=length(DELTO)-$EXCESS - syntax error # My final attempt: - syntax error ULENGTH=length($DELTO)-$EXCESS

# Extract the uid for the mail from the extracted Delivered-To: header line UID=substr($DELTO,$USTART,$ULENGTH)

# I'm also curious about this line, it seemed kind of odd to put NewDELTO="$UID$DTLD" # Construct a new delivered to string NewDELTO="${UID}${DTLD}"

#Then insert the new delivered to header: xfilter "/usr/local/maildrop/bin/reformail -i \"Delivered-To: $NewDELTO\""

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