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Subject:Please explain. (What is HawkinsOS?)
From:Technical Director (
Date:Sep 19, 2004 6:14:27 am

Err, maybe you should use ... HawkinsOS???

T.J.HAWKINS Secure, Stable, Supported Operating System...

I really enjoyed that.

Maybe this inquiry is to get the developers to work out HawkinsOS, whatever version of FreeBSD you sed'd s/FreeBSD/HawkinsOS/g, problems with multi-threading?

My troll addition.


Your site says you are a Programmer, providing proof of concepts for what you are discussing shouldn't be to hard.

On Sat, 18 Sep 2004 wrote:

Your taking it the wrong way, I was simply asking a question to the developers to confirm this.

I have standardized on FreeBSD.

I apologized if I made it seem like I was trolling, not my intention.

If a business were to standardize on FreeBSD, they would love to know if the multithreading issues would be fixed completely correctly not just 'work-arounds'.

sorry and thanks

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On Sun, 2004-09-19 at 02:14, wrote:

Ask the FreeBSD developers, any of them with honesty should tell you or proof me false. I dare you to proof this false, I would be so happy if you did. Just because I'm using MS Mailer does not reflect whom I am. I have only 1 MS workstation with 9 others unix.

I expected a mature response from most of you, calling names is NOT the way to resolve problems. I just want an answer to see if this is true.

**Is it true**? This is what I've noticed myself and many high-scale developers.

Thank you

1) The burden of proof is on the person making the allegations.

2) Calling a troll on being a troll is mature.

3) If you believe it to be true, then don't use FreeBSD. Nobody is tying your hands here. You believe DragonFlyBSD to be superior? Then use it.

Maybe I just don't see the big deal here, but the developers owe you nothing.