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Subject:config/4200: ./configure --help , -help , -h don't work
From:Olly Betts (
Date:Apr 6, 1999 4:20:19 am

Number: 4200 Category: config Synopsis: ./configure --help , -help , -h don't work Confidential: no Severity: non-critical Priority: medium Responsible: apache State: open Class: sw-bug Submitter-Id: apache Arrival-Date: Tue Apr 6 04:30:00 PDT 1999 Last-Modified: Originator: Organization: apache Release: 1.3.6 Environment: SunOS bagpuss 5.6 Generic sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-1 Description:

configure doesn't recognise "--help", "-help", or "-h", though the script looks like it should, plus "./configure" with no args suggests you should "at least run './configure --help' for a compact summary of available options."

--help just seems to hang; -h and -help seem to be ignored.

How-To-Repeat: ./configure --help Fix:

Not as such I'm afraid. But the configure script sets a variable "help" to "yes" if any of these options is set, but never checks it - perhaps that's the problem?

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