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Carl GehrSep 16, 2007 3:19 pm 
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Carl GehrSep 16, 2007 7:39 pm 
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Subject:Re: Two [possibly unrelated] strange messages with no explanation...
From:Blacklisted email address (
Date:Sep 16, 2007 6:15:10 pm

Hi Carl

As the various NB accounts are expanded and begin to populate the unread messages, these two messages popup:

A News (NNTP) error occurred: Permission denied writing SMstore File -- throttling

Could not connect to server; the connection was refused.

[The first message applies to a group of IBM NGs at server: that I've been monitoring for years.]

Second time I've had the same error on, something to do with there server, not your newsgroup client :-)

Re: First message... I have no idea what this message means. "throttling"...???? What is the 'SMstore file'...?

Think (purely supposition) its something to do with the number of connections and/or data throughput on the server(s) at IBM.

Re: Second message... Why would the connection be 'refused'...???? I'm not doing anything any different from what I've always done. The setup has not changed for this or any other account.

Try again in a couple of days, still doing it as we speak (the error that is).

I doubt it matters, but I'm running eCS 2.0 RC2.

Doesnt matter at all.

Cheers IBManners