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Subject:Re: Migration from
From:Benson Margulies (
Date:Oct 4, 2009 3:25:11 pm

For certain purposes, Kenai has a significant lack: no maven support.

As an ASF member let me join the ASF plugging society here. I'd be happy to help facilitate the discussion.

On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 3:58 PM, Jorg Heymans <> wrote:

On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 3:40 PM, Joti <> wrote:

to give my two cents: -1 for Google Code. They dont have JIRA, they're not Sun-connected (so Kuhsuke has less possibilities of doing something if anything goes bad or something custom/special is needed) and to me Kenai looks quite ok. And since Hudson has official Sun support, maybe the project will get some more attention from the Kenai makers.

Well I don't follow your passion about Jira, but i guess that is a matter of taste :) I also don't follow your argument about needing a Sun-connected hosting partner. A lot of OSS projects are hosted independent of the company of its creator and most of them are doing just fine without having a guy on the inside that can fix things. As a project you should not rely on one guy only being able to do custom/special things in case something goes wrong, what if Kohsuke is no longer interested/able to work on Hudson at some point ? Are you hoping that the next core hudson contributor is another Sun employee that can pull strings from the inside ?

Just a crazy thought: why not apply for incubating Hudson at Apache, one of the strongest, most independent oss brands of the moment ? That would secure its OSS future for a long time, and since they're using Hudson already ( it might even attract a host of new developer talent. [[full disclosure: i was a commiter on the Apache Cocoon project a few years ago, so i might be a tiny bit biased myself here]]

Thoughts ? Or has the Kenai project been created already ? :-P

Cheers, Jorg

Anyhow: Thanks for Hudson and the support that is already there from all of you :D

Cheers, Joti

...who is hoping on something better (JIRA) than Bug/Colabzilla for a long time to have more motivation to actually file the bugs he found.

2009/10/3 Jorg Heymans <>

On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 11:03 PM, Kohsuke Kawaguchi <> wrote:

As we know, lately has been suffering constant performance problems and minor outages. Because of this, the topic of moving the project from has been a recurring topic on this mailing list, dating back at least before JavaOne 2009.

And this week, had the biggest outage ever. It rendered the entire site inaccessible for about 3 days, and the site is still inaccessible to many users in Europe, Latin America, Russia, and Asia, for which we still have no ETA as of this writing.

During this period, plugin downloads and updates were unavailable, new users weren't able to try out Hudson, and committers weren't able to push changes. Furthermore, because of a problematic code in Hudson, this outage rendered Hudson installations in the wild unconfigurable [1].

What I'm hearing from the Hudson community is that this is just not tolerable. So I think it's time to move off from --- This is putting me into a very hard position, but I think I have no other choice, really.

The hard part is to figure out the migration plan. This is where I invite the community for suggestions and discussions.

Kohsuke, thanks a billion for finally sharing your thoughts on this. As i've said a few times in the past, i cannot agree more on migrating away from - let's get Hudson flying again !

As to the currently suggested alternatives I must say that Kenai looks good at first sight but i'm wondering if Hudson really needs to be the guinea pig for a new OSS hosting offering ? It seems to still be very much 'work in progress' (correct me if i'm wrong) and i don't know if Hudson should take another potentially bumpy road after the one. Also, do we know what will happen to Kenai once the Oracle deal is completed ? Perhaps something to take into consideration.

Has anybody given thought to as base for hosting ? Piggybacking the google infrastructure services behemoth is bound to keep us up to date with some of the latest and greatest in development tools and collaboration. It might not have all the features upfront in the way that we require but it wouldn't hurt to investigate i think. I'm willing to put in some time to check out the infrastructure and features and try to match them to what we require, unless ofcourse there are severe objections upfront against hosting anything at google ?

Other than that, i'm ofcourse offering any evening/weekend time required to help out in the move, regardless what the decision is.

Cheers, Jorg