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Joshua LeungApr 8, 2010 3:21 pm 
Subject:[Bf-committers] Argh! r.28097 breaks keymaps left right and center
From:Joshua Leung (
Date:Apr 8, 2010 3:21:29 pm

Hi Ton,

It seems that the changes in area.c ("Changed order of keymaps... the default maps now are evaluated *after* the own custom maps, so you can make overrides or defaults.") have broken some default keymaps/functionality.

Namely, it is now impossible to use Grease Pencil anywhere, because the all operators mapped to LeftMouse gobble any event containing the left-mouse, even if they can't do anything with them at the time. For example, in 3D-View, this is the Set Cursor operator, and in the Image Editor, this is the sample colours operator. Probably both of these should not be ignoring the DKEY modifier that is used in conjunction with LeftMouse to draw though...

I'm currently still checking if there are other broken tools around the place, but probably there aren't many others.

Regards, Joshua