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TimMay 19, 2008 2:30 pm 
Andrew KirillovMay 20, 2008 10:00 am 
Subject:Re: What web servers does everyone use if not using IP camera
From:Andrew Kirillov (
Date:May 20, 2008 10:00:16 am


One I've use Microsoft Media Server/Services to stream USB camera's content over network (you can also stream other capture devices). This service uses MMS stream. For now MMS stream is not yet covered by AForge.NET, but it could be easily added. For example you may take a look at my article on Code Project about motion detection - application posted there supports MMS stream.

I am not 100% sure if Microsoft Media Server/Services can help you and stream all 4 your cameras, but you may try it.

With best regards, Andrew

On May 20, 12:30 am, Tim <> wrote:

I have a DVR card (ebay cheapie) and am using it now to take the video stream in from a CCD camera and it works great this Aforge.  What my question is; what web server is everyone using to stream the video out to the internet.  I have used WebcamXP and it works fine, but I am looking to see if there is something better.  At this time the libary uses any stream from Jpeg to Mjpeg and WebcamXP does that, but I can only see one of my four possible cameras. that the dvr card supports. my card is sometype of an Avermedia card and the Eyes Pro software it comes with can see all 4 camera, but all other software i find can only see one.  So I am looking for advice.  Maybe a better question is since i know the Eyes pro can push to a browser via an activex control and i can switch cameras is there some type of software that can tell me how to read that stream to my project that uses aforge. So that I will know the connection string to pass to aforge.

Andrew, great libary, sorry if you do not feel this question should be here since it does not affect the code, but my thought was that others that might want to use the framework might have these types of questions  and i know from using your framework for a while now that it is not it, but the hardware.  I tried to see if i could use anything that you wrote up in code project on this, but nothing seemed to work for me.  any ideas...