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Subject:RE: [courier-users] Problem enabling SMTP
From:Ron Nelson (
Date:Jul 18, 2005 12:14:35 pm

Hmm... That would need to be file permissions for the spool, wouldn't it? Because permissions for the delivery folder shouldn't be checked until the destination is known, similar to the filter rules.

OK, figured it out. the problem was my /etc/hosts entry for was localhost.localdomain localhost and when I changed this to point to the correct host/domain all was fine.



""Sander" == "Sander Holthaus <- Orange XL" <>> writes:

"Sander> wrote: >> OK, perhaps I'm missing something simple here. I have my >> /etc/courier/smtpaccess/default file containing: >> >> allow,RELAYCLIENT >> >> and have run makesmtpaccess to regenerate the dat file. But >> when I connect to port 25 I get: >> >> # telnet localhost 25 Trying Connected to >> localhost.localdomain ( Escape character is '^]'. >> Connection closed by foreign host. >> # >> >> and I see in the logs: >> >> Jul 15 09:57:43 db1 courieresmtpd: >> /usr/lib/courier/sbin/courieresmtpd: Permission denied >> >> Err... Huh? I can connect to my courier POP3 server fine, >> just not to SMTP. I expect I'm having trouble seeing the nose >> on my face, can someone help point it out for me? <grin> >> >> Ron

"Sander> I'm not too familiar with Courier's internals, BUT seeing "Sander> an error like Permission denied, I would think it lies in "Sander> a "file permission" error. Either couriersmtpd is "Sander> running as the wrong user or one of its file's has the "Sander> wrong file-permisions or owner. The thing is that it "Sander> disconnects before any attempt to communicate, with seems "Sander> it is not a relaying error (in that case, it would "Sander> connect, but refuse the RCPT TO:).

"Sander> Kind Regards, Sander Holthaus