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Subject:[xwiki-devs] [Proposal] New xwiki-extensions GitHub organization (
Date:May 5, 2014 7:43:20 am

Hi devs,

Right now we have 2 organizations related to the XWiki project on Github: xwiki
and xwiki-contribs.

The separation is currently the following: * XWiki Committers maintain the code in the “xwiki” organization * non XWiki Committers (aka contributors)  maintain the code in the
“xwiki-contrib” organization in the way they want (some extensions there are not
maintained, others are maintained)

After brainstorming with Thomas Mortagne we’d like to propose the following

Need =====

* Be able to extract some maintained apps from xwiki-contrib to separate them
from less maintained extensions. For example the top apps listed
here: * Be able to extract some extensions currently located in xwiki-platform but not
released with XE so that they can have a different release cycle (examples: FAQ
app, IRCBot extension, JIRA macro, etc). Having different release cycle allow to
release new versions quicker to our users (bug fixes, new features).

Proposal =======

* Introduce a new xwiki-extensions organization in GitHub which would be
maintained by the XWiki Dev Team (aka XWiki Committers)

* For now, move out of xwiki/xwiki-platform all modules that are not bundled by
default in XE. This rule will be reviewed and modified when we introduce the
flavors concept in the future. The idea is that xwiki-platform will contain
“core extensions” only and as we progress towards extensions, the number of core
extensions will get smaller and smaller till possibly only the EM and what it
requires. Everything else would be located in the xwiki-extensions organization

* Have one repository per extensions in the xwiki-extensions github organization
so that each extension can be released independently of each other

* In order to make it simple to release, the idea would be to have Roadmaps and
aggregated Release Notes per Flavor (this is what we’re doing now with the  “XE”
flavor BTW).

* We will be able to vote in committers for specific repos located in the
xwiki-extensions organization without having them voted for the xwiki
organization (although, over time, they would be able to become xwiki committers
for the xwiki orgnization should they wish and if they’re voted in)

* Extensions from xwiki-extensions published on e.x.o would have “XWiki
Development Team” as author, which means they will be officially supported by
the xwiki committers.


Thanks -Vincent & Thomas