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Subject:Re: Does the SPI Fly Static Weaving bundle actually work?
From:Tovi Almozlino (
Date:Feb 12, 2014 4:05:01 pm

Well, it turns out that what I did that made me encounter this problem in the first place (embedding the JAX-WS API classes within the bundle as opposed to using what was provided by the OSGI framework) was unnecessary for getting the bundle to work.

I only have access to the code for two days a week so I can't really justify experimenting with this anymore, at least for the time being. Glad to have helped find this oversight, in any case.

On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 4:48 PM, David Bosschaert <> wrote:


Just to let you know that this issue is now fixed on trunk. You should be able to use either SPI-Consumer or Require-Capability headers with static weaving. For more details see and

Tovi, I would appreciate if you could check that it works in your environment too.


On 5 February 2014 15:16, David Bosschaert <> wrote:

On 5 February 2014 14:55, Tovi Almozlino <> wrote:

I suppose I'll have to use the proprietary headers for now, unless you guys can have this fixed by next week! FYI, what I'm working on is a plugin for Cytoscape 3.0.x, which uses an old (pre-2.3) version of Karaf.

I can have a look at it sometime in the near future, but if you need it earlier you can always propose a patch ;)

By the way, about providers: does the file in resources/services have to point at an implementation class contained WITHIN the provider bundle? Or can it point at any class whatsoever?

I'm pretty sure that the class can be any class that the bundle has visibility to, so that would include classes in the bundle, its fragments, packages imported via Import-Package and bundles wired via Require-Bundle...