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Subject:[Sweetcron] Re: WP integration & multiple users
From:Milan (
Date:Oct 29, 2008 3:52:43 pm

Well, firstly, sweetcron was never meant to be a blogging software, so I doubt multi-user functionality would ever come. Intergration with WordPress should be kinda simple, I'm there have been another intergrations into wordpress...

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Hi everyone, first time poster here.

First of all: Thanks to Yongfook for a great and simple solution!

My two questions to the group:

- Did anyone ever try to integrate Sweetcron into Wordpress? The reason for me to do this would be to rely on WP for sidebar widgets and page navigation but to use Sweetcron for the "automated" postings (which should be treated by WP as normal posts). Maybe I haven't thought this over enough yet and it's impossible, but did anyone ever think in that direction, too?

- How hard would it be, what woud it take to have several authors on one Sweetcron installation?

Thanks all, Johnny