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Subject:Re: Accounting transaction : GlAccountType
From:Sharan-F (
Date:Sep 25, 2009 3:29:18 pm

Hi Chris

I agree with Carsten – I see this as a feature and not a bug. I'll tell you my reasoning.

The GL account defaults are the way to setup which accounts (GLAccountIds) you want specific transaction types (GL Account Types) to map to. This also helps to automate where transactions are posted to and if setup correctly you should have minimal transactions falling into the error (ie Error Journal).

For an accounting transaction, if you enter a GLAccountType and the GLAccountId is blank and then use the 'Complete transaction fields' instead of the 'Verify transaction' - you will see that the system will automatically pick up the mapping from GL account defaults if they exist and will fill the GLAccountId that corresponds to the GLAccountType.

There will be situations where you may want to change the GLAccountType in an accounting transaction and by doing that, it will need to map to a different GLAccountId. So for example - if you dont know the account number (GL account Id) but you do know what type of transaction it is (GLAccountType) then the current system gives you the option to change it, update it, and then use the 'Complete transactions fields' to automatically bring in the correct GLAccount Id. (if the mapping has been setup!)

If on the other hand your business is not concerned with knowing what type of transaction has been processed and just wants to focus on the GLAccountId itself then that is also an option... so in this case you can leave the GLAccountType blank and fill in the GLAccountId manually.

So I think having both these fields available here adds to the flexibility of OFBiz.

Thanks Sharan

Carsten Schinzer wrote:

This can only be considered a bug, if there is a mechanism to hook in General Ledger configurations other than the default.

Some more detail: If you want to use a different GL setup, then there must be a mechanism to configure default accounts for certain transactions that have financial implications, e.g. inventory additions/retrieval, sales etc.

The above mechanism uses either a specific account or the account type mapping.

I personally find the account type mapping an easy way to do such a default mapping since it avoids to (re-)configure each and every transactional service and instead focalize the configuration work to the accounting application if the GL is changed.

As most of my statements are based on assumptions and experience made through config, it would be good if someone of the "experienced crowd" could verify these and add a comment here as well. However, in this context, I cannot agree that the above is a bug; IMHO it's rather a feature.



2009/9/25 Chris Snow <>

I think this is a bug, but I wanted some feedback on it before I raised a JIRA issue...

Any comments anyone?

Chris Snow wrote:

Hi Jacopo,

It seems that you must provide a glAccountTypeId, or a glAccountId for a transaction entry. If neither are set when you verify a transaction, the following error message is given (on the demo system):

"Gl account id is not set for [00001] or mapping not found for account type"

If you don't provide a glAccountId, and only provide a glAccountTypeId, is there a mapping somewhere to map the two id's? It appears that AcctgTransService.xml is not doing the mapping, it's only checking for glAccountId?

<if-empty field="acctgTransEntry.glAccountId"> <add-error><fail-message message="Gl account id is not set for [${acctgTransEntry.acctgTransEntrySeqId}] or mapping not found for account type ${acctgTransEntry.glAccountTypeId}"/></add-error> </if-empty>

Many thanks in advance,

Jacopo Cappellato wrote:

<div class="moz-text-flowed" style="font-family: -moz-fixed">Hi Chris,

usually the glAccountTypeId is passed to the service in order to retrieve the proper glAccountId (this is done with a series of lookup on GL mapping entities)



On Sep 21, 2009, at 7:28 AM, snowc wrote:

When adding a transaction entry, there are fields for GlAccountType and GlAccountId.

Why do we need to enter the GlAccountType when it can be obtained from the GlAccount?

Many thanks in advance,




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