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Subject:[Openstack] setuptools-git
From:Monty Taylor (
Date:Jun 28, 2012 12:56:19 pm

Hey all!

Using quantum as a little bit of a guinea pig, we've been poking at setuptools-git, which is a setuptools plugin which adds git vcs support to setuptools. Why would we care? Well, setuptools itself has baked in support for cvs and svn (yay! such future thought!) One of the nice bits is that if you use those, you don't have to list all of your extra files in - it puts everything that's in your VCS into your tarball.

That's pretty much always what we want. So- I added it in a change to quantum after we had an issue with files missing from the tarball, in case anyone wants a look-see:

I'd like to transition all of the projects to doing this, because, well, let's be honest, it's less work long term and will be more correct.

Thing is- it requires a setup_requires= stanza in, which is a facility we have not used in the project before, and is not covered in any sensible way by either tox or install_venv. It'll still WORK, but if you don't run off and pip install setuptools-git you're going to wind up with an egg file in your source tree.

Anyway - we use git for everything and it doesn't hurt - so I recommend adding setuptools-git to the list of crap you pip install outside of the virtualenv. I'm going to try to get patches done for tox and install_venv to slightly change how stuff gets injected so that it's not wonky...

That is, unless there are massive objections or anything.