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Subject:Re: [courier-users] Header size exceeds policy limit, LOGIC?
From:Alessandro Vesely (
Date:May 31, 2005 3:57:22 am

uchu wrote:

If someone wants to run a mailing list they should use a mailing list management software that's designed for that purpose, instead of trying to shoehorn something out of an ordinary E-mail client.

Totally agreed on that.

The lack of functionality that had been objected against mailing list software is the ability for recipient X to determine if last week's broadcast message had [or should have] been delivered also to recipient Y. In this respect, ordinary mail gives a suboptimal solution, as the "To" headers should match the list of recipients.

[...] We have put in place restrictions and policies nicely forcing customers into using mailing list management tools to do their broadcasts.

What do you mean by "nicely forcing"? Do you have semi-automated procedures, step-by-step instructions, or similar guidance for setting up mailing lists on your server?

Just mumbling...