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Subject:Re: [Etherboot-developers] gPXE and dnsmasq
From:Michael Brown (
Date:Apr 16, 2009 12:02:41 pm

On Thursday 16 April 2009 17:41:55 Simon Kelley wrote:

I believe we should attempt multicasting. I definitely remember having to fix up some bugs in ethernet.c relating to transmission of multicast packets around the time I was working on this.

Agreed about multicast, my previous comment was after looking at old gPXE code, I think. Not accepting broadcast to port 67 is still valid in git-head code. See the patch I posted here which fixes this and does, indeed fix things with dnsmasq.

OK, thanks for clarifying.

It should work; gPXE will treat a port 4011 ProxyDHCPREQUEST failure as a non-fatal error, and will proceed with the options already obtain via DHCPACK.

It has to accept options from a DHCPOFFER with no valid offered address though, that doesn't currently work (and may not be standards-compliant, though it works with every intel PXE rom I tested). I'm happy to do a patch if want.

Our logic is that we will treat a DHCPOFFER packet as:

a. an offered IP address if it contains an IP address and comes from port 67

b. a PXE DHCP offer if it contains "PXEClient"

and that the same packet could be treated as none, either, or both of these. This means that we *should* already accept options from a DHCPOFFER with no valid offered address. If this doesn't work, could you send a packet trace and a debug log with DEBUG=dhcp enabled?



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